Save Time, Save Money, Take CLEP

General Information

Do you want to receive college credit for knowledge you already have? If you already have proficient knowledge of a subject, you can prove competency through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) sponsored by the College Board. Whether you have mastered this material through prior course work, independent study or cultural pursuits, you may want to consider CLEP examinations. More information is available at the College Board website at

CLEP examinations are available in the CLEP CBT Test Center at the Airport Campus Student Assessment Center and at the National On-Base Test Center at Fort Jackson Center of Midlands Technical College. These sites are computerized CLEP Test Centers. Scores are available to test candidates upon completion of most tests and to institutions within 3 4 weeks. CLEP examinations are scheduled through online registration.

Students with Disabilities: If you wish to take a CLEP examination using an approved accommodation, please contact the Disabilities Resource Center. You may be approved to test under special conditions, e.g., extended testing time (up to three hours per test), use of a reader or transcriber, or use of large-print testing materials. Only students with documentation of a learning or physical disability are eligible for special CLEP arrangements.