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How Do You "Student Life"?

by Marisa Onate

If the definition of “attending college” for you simply boils down to attending classes on a weekly basis, tackling mountainous piles of homework and projects, and rigorously studying for exams that come off more Final Jeopardy-esque than the information found on your lecture slides, then the chances are that your academic career is not being optimized to its most rewarding potential. Participating in school activities can turn your education at Midlands Tech into an advantageous experience both inside and outside of the classroom, but student-engagement is key. If you stop in for an informational session, make a trip down to Student Life, or simply take a look at Midlands Tech’s index of diverse student clubs and organizations, you will see that Midlands Tech is more than just a place where you “take classes.” As a matter of fact, Midlands Technical College is what you make it.

While it is true that aforementioned activities such as meeting deadlines and preparing for exams typically account for a significant portion of school-related activities, the faculty at Midlands Technical College alongside representatives from Student Life are working effortlessly to add variety and options to that stigma. Replacing monotonous routine, Midlands Tech wants the idea of attending college to be synonymous with extracurricular involvement and student-opportunities that aim to enrich and cultivate. Operation Doughnut, a Student Advisory Board (SAB) initiative launched by the college this 2014 Fall Semester, was put forth with the goal of achieving just that. Operation Doughnut focused on gathering up-to-date contact information from students in an attempt to improve inter-collegiate communications among faculty, clubs, and students. Marisa Onate, Student Advisory Board Vice President of Information Technology and Publications, commented “We are really working towards making sure students know about the limitless amount of things that are constantly going on in school that they can get involved in.”

Along with Operation Doughnut, the college has even branched out to sending students mass-emails with information about up-coming events. A reoccurring sentiment held among many of the college’s students however is that school-events, clubs and organizations, and school-sponsored seminars will conflict with their class schedules. Scheduling conflicts can be a major issue and can hamper even the most spirited among the student-body from getting as involved as they would like. That is why this 2014 academic year Midlands Tech is laboriously renovating the school’s newspaper into a medium in which students can still have their presence felt even if they are not able to physically attend or participate in school-activities. The Student Newspaper will once-again be a regularly updated newspaper where students are not only welcomed but fully-encouraged to submit written and visual pieces including but not limited to: poetry, art, reviews, opinions, and articles on current events. Articles can be community-based, statewide, national, or even international and can cover topics ranging from entertainment and politics to sports and anywhere in between. Faculty members are more than welcomed to submit pieces as well.

You may not recognize it-- by being a student here at Midlands Tech, you are not just a student number; you are also a vital part of the community and the college wants your presence to be felt. This year, there is a host of faculty members and fellow students working effortlessly to find you.  Consider joining a student club or organization. Along with getting straight A’s, make it a goal to attend an informative session, school-promoted seminar, or school-event. Turn this year into a year where you maximize your academic experience by excelling both inside and outside the classroom. If any of those options do not coincide with your course load, consider becoming a regular or guest contributor for the school’s newspaper. Midlands Technical College wants to hear your voice and would like to provide you with opportunities that can transform your academic career into a fulfilling educational experience. No matter which outlet you decide on-- Find or create a way to engage in your school community, so we can know How You Student Life!

To submit articles to The Student Newspaper,  email submissions with your name and student ID number to Also follow our Social Media Accounts: Facebook (MTC Student Life), Instagram (@mtc_student_life), Twitter (@MTCSAB), and YouTube (MTCStudentlife).