Testing may be the deciding factor in determining which college you will attend. Be sure you take the right tests at the right time.

AP Tests (Advanced Placement) are given in May. If you have taken advanced placement tests, your scores will be available in July. The must be sent to the college(s) of your choice. Follow-up to see how each school treats the Advanced Placement scores in your curriculum. Earning credits toward your academic program can reduce the amount of time and money needed to complete your degree, certificate or diploma.

If you took the SAT or ACT test in your junior year, this is the year to improve on those scores. Before graduating, you will have several opportunities to achieve your best score possible. Usually, for scholarship consideration, the higher the score, the better your chance to receive free money for your academic achievement.

Much community, technical and other career colleges may require students to pass an ABILITY TO BENEFIT test and/or a test to determine your level of program proficiency in certain academic areas such as the HOBIT test for some health careers... These tests may be used in addition to or in place of SAT or ACT scores. Check with your school(s) to determine exactly which test(s) are beneficial to your acceptance and placement in your educational program. Midlands Technical College offers testing for a wide range of admissions and placement requirements. Visit http://www.midlandstech.com/testcenter to see if Midlands Technical can help you with testing requirements for the schools you are considering

You took a lot of tests in High School. Spring is the time to ask your guidance counselor to send your FINAL HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT to the college(s) of your choice.