Information for Students Enrolled in High School
Preparing High School Students for College

Getting a college education is a short-term investment that will pay back for a lifetime. Most people with a college education have better job opportunities and earn more money. Getting ready for college also means planning for the future and making some very important decisions early. High school students who plan ahead and take appropriate arithmetic, foreign language and computer courses are better prepared for college. High school students can also take courses for credit at many colleges. Midlands Technical College offers a variety of programs to assist high school students in preparing for college and being a successful student.

Information for all High School Students:

  1. Courses to Take in High School
  2. Myths about College
  3. Extracurricular activities
  4. Why Get a College Degree?
  5. Six Benefits of Technical/Community Colleges
  6. What really happens in college admissions
  7. 20 questions to ask your high school counselor
  8. Time Management Tips For High School Students
  9. Career Planning

Information for Freshman Students:

  1. Now that you are in High School
  2. Plan for the Year ahead
  3. Pick your high school classes strategically
  4. Why think about college now?

Information for Sophmore Students:

  1. Plan for the Year ahead
  2. Pick your high school classes strategically
  3. Tasks that you should consider as a sophomore

Information for Junior Students:

  1. Timing Is Everything
  2. Researching Colleges
  3. Tests

Information for Senior Students:

  1. Pulling It All Together
  2. Selecting a College
  3. Tests
  4. Admissions at MTC
  5. Steps to Starting at MTC
  6. Student Orientation

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