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Disability Services

The staff of Counseling and Career Services works to ensure that all educational programming and services are accessible to otherwise qualified students with disabilities.

Accommodations are available to students who have disabilities including, but not limited to, blindness, visual impairments, deafness, hearing impairments, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, medical conditions, head and spinal cord injuries, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), and psychological disabilities.

Initial Request for Accommodations Process

The accommodation process is a collaborative process to understand the student's disability experience and how the disability may impact the student's educational experience in order to determine reasonable accommodations.

It is the student's responsibility to self-disclose as a student with a disability and to request accommodations through Counseling and Career Services. A student's initial request for accommodations needs to occur in a timely manner prior to beginning the program or course.

Faculty Notification Process

It is the responsibility of the student with a disability who has been granted accommodations to complete the Faculty Notification Process each and every semester in order to use the accommodations in their courses.

Accommodations and Services

The accommodations and services provided to students with disabilities are determined on a case by case basis in order to ensure equal access to the college's educational programs and courses.

Placement Test Accommodations

If you are a prospective student and would like to request accommodations to complete the placement test (COMPASS), please contact the Disability Services Coordinator in Counseling and Career Services as soon as possible prior to taking the placement test.

You will need to complete the Initial Request for Accommodations Process prior to being approved for accommodations for the placement test.

Questions and Concerns

Please do not hesitate to contact the Disability Services Coordinator in Counseling and Career Services via phone at 803-822-3505 (Airport Campus) or 803-738-7636 (Beltline Campus) or via email at if you have any questions or concerns regarding accommodations and services for students with disabilities.