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Midlands Technical College
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 2408
Columbia, SC 29202

Tel: (803)738-8324
FAX: (803)790-7524
TDD: (803)822-3401
Toll-free: (800)922-8038

E-mail: askmtc@midlandstech.edu

Meet the Admissions Team

You, our future MTC student, are our top priority here in Admissions! Whether you are interested in a career-based curriculum, transferring to a four-year college or university, or enhancing your professional skills through top quality education, we are here to serve you! We encourage you to get to know us. Schedule an appointment with your Admissions Counselor, visit campus, and explore MTC through your own personal, interactive web portal at Passport2MTC. We look forward to journeying with you!


Admissions Counseling Staff
AJ Newton Admissions Advisor 822-3037 NEWTONA@midlandstech.edu
Chanda Jackson Admissions Advisor/Events Coordinator 822-3396 JACKSONCC@midlandstech.edu
Lavone Wilson Admissions Coordinator 790-7578 WILSONL@midlandstech.edu
Nicholas Ketaner Admissions Advisor 822-3309 KETANERN@midlandstech.edu
Bryce Amick Admissions Advisor 822-3397 AMICKB@midlandstech.edu
Pressley Dickson Admissions Advisor 605-1332 DICKSONP@midlandstech.edu
Kelley Simmons Admissions Advisor 738-7887 SIMMONSK@midlandstech.edu
LaRon Hearst Admissions Advisor 822-3515 hearstl@midlandstech.edu
Ariel Asouzu Admissions Advisor 822-3406 asouzua@midlandstech.edu
Risa Grossman Residency Coordinator 738-7735 GROSSMAN@midlandstech.edu
Shatiema Stephens Admissions Advisor 532-9251
Ext 7146
Sherry Shoars Merit Admissions Coordinator 822-3520 SHOARSS@midlandstech.edu
Jacob Olson Admissions Advisor 738-7835 OLSONJ@midlandstech.edu
Admissions Staff
Jeanne Mitchell Student Services Program Coordinator 738-7588 MITCHELLJ@midlandstech.edu
Bernadette Gamble Program Assistant 738-7795 GAMBLEB@midlandstech.edu
Chloe Broom Program Assistant 738-7839 BROOMC@midlandstech.edu
Margaret Gunter Data Coordinator 738-7693 GUNTERM@midlandstech.edu
Lashaunda Chavis Program Coordinator 738-7772 chavislm@midlandstech.edu
Barrie Jones-Seymour Program Assistant 738-7839 jonesb@midlandstech.edu
Bryan Peebles Data Coordinator 822-3675 peeblesb@midlandstech.edu
Felisha Gadson Data Coordinator 738-7106 gadsonf@midlandstech.edu
Ashton Cooper Data Coordinator 790-7546 coopera@midlandstech.edu
Admissions Management Team
Derrah Cassidy Director of Admissions 822-6714 admissions@midlandstech.edu
Allyson Porter Associate Director of Recruiting 822-3665 PORTERA@midlandstech.edu
Sharon Garrick Associate Director of Admissions 738-7796 GARRICKS@midlandstech.edu
Susan Yobs Office Manager 822-3770 YOBSS@midlandstech.edu
Dennis Scheidt Associate Director of Strategic
738-7782 SCHEIDTD@midlandstech.edu


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