Read Right®

§          Read Right®  is an individualized tutorial program designed to improve students’ ability to read and comprehend complex course material.  The program will:

o         Provide tutoring staff who are empowered to help students eliminate reading problems

o         Significantly improve students’ reading abilities

o         Improve students’ self-esteem


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Airport Campus:                                                                                 

Beltline Campus:


Airport Campus Read Right Tutors Phone Location email
Judy Medlin 822-6767 AC 146
Laureen Spires 822-6767 AC 146
Pat Roupe 822-6767 AC146
Lisa Turner 822-6767 AC146
Robin Williamson 822-6767 AC146



Beltline Campus Read Right Tutors Phone Location email
Ellen Bagby 738-7148 WM 112C
Beth Jacky 738-7148 WM 112C
Marybeth Shelley 738-7148 WM 112C
Deborah Dolph 738-7148 WM112C
Valerie Marcil 738-7148 WM112C
Rachel Thompson 738-7148 WM 112C



For more information on the history and development of READ RIGHT, click here.



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