Please read you syllabus very carefully and completely before completing and submitting your course contract. 


Math Course Number & Section, Example: MAT100A02 ______________________________

Name:_____________________________     Student ID#______________________________

Email Address:___________________________

Preferred Telephone Number:_________________


1)  My instructor’s name is ______________________________.

2)  My instructor’s email address is _______________________ and the contact phone number is _______________________.

3)  I am allowed _________ absences in this course.

4)  ______ tardies represent an absence.

5)  A tardy is defined as being up to ______ minutes late for class.  A student later than that is considered absent.

6)  True or False:  Cell phones are permitted.

7)  What is the lowest passing number score?  (Like 25 or 97.  Not a letter grade)

8)  True or False:  There are D's in this course.

9)  What chapters allow the use of the calculator?

10) True or False:  A student may exempt the final if their overall average is an A.

This form indicates that I understand how to access the syllabus, course of study, and other information on the DVS website.  It is my responsibility to understand the requirements of the course, the grading scale and attendance policy.


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