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Developmental Studies

Developmental Studies

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Welcome to Midlands Technical College's   Department of Developmental Studies.


Midlands Technical College wants all students to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. The Developmental Studies (DVS) department of the college is the first step toward a successful college experience for many students.

Developmental Studies Mission Statement

The mission of the Developmental Studies Department  of Midlands Technical College is to help students become independent and successful learners so that they will meet their personal, educational, and professional goals. The department consists of courses designed to improve academic skills, such as critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics.

Developmental Studies Goals

Developmental Studies offers academic and support services as a part of the college's comprehensive program to help students succeed in their chosen programs of study.

The Developmental Studies Department strives to help students:

  1. develop academic survival skills
  2. set personal, education, and career goals
  3. learn to use technology in academic and workplace settings
  4. learn the academic culture of the college

Placement Testing

The college's placement and assessment test is given to all new and readmitted students in an effort to identify the academic needs of each student. Once assessment scores are determined, each student is advised about the courses needed to reach the students ultimate goal. All MTC students must demonstrate competency in Reading, Math, and English before enrolling in curriculum level and transfer courses. Some students demonstrate this through the Assessment tests given upon admission to the college. Others are required to take courses in these areas so they will be prepared to succeed in college and the workplace. The course sequences are:

            Reading                        English                        Math

            RDG 032                      ENG 032                     MAT 032 

            RDG 100                      ENG 100                     MAT 100

                                                                                     MAT 101 or 155*

                                                                                     MAT 102 

*MAT 155 is required by some programs: you need to check in the MTC Academic Catalogue and with your  academic  advisor to determine which course to take for your educational goals.

ENG 032, MAT 032, MAT 100, and all RDG courses are managed by the Developmental Studies Department;

ENG 100 is managed by the English Department, and all math courses above MAT 100 by the Math Department.

You are required to follow the course placement for reading, math, and English as determined by your mandatory assessment test scores.

You may not enroll in a subsequent reading, math, or English course until you demonstrate the necessary skills and competencies of a prerequisite course.

You may not retake the placement tests once you begin the reading,  math, or English sequence of courses.     

Students can benefit from a variety of learning formats including lecture, online, video and computer- based courses. Classes are offered morning, afternoon, evening, and as distance learning to give students greater scheduling flexibility.

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