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Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate  (Phase I)

The Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate is Phase I of the two-phase Dental Hygiene program and consists of the 36 hours of general education courses required for the Dental Hygiene curriculum. In addition to the college's placement test and the admissions requirements for the Health Sciences Department, specific eligibility and admissions criteria to the Pre-Dental Hygiene program include:

Acceptable Eligibility Criteria

Admissions Criteria:

A student's acceptance of a position in the Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate (Phase I) program implies that the student will work consistently to complete the 36 hour program within the next two or three semesters.  All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.   Students may not retake any course in the Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate program more than once.  The student may not repeat more than two different courses in the Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate.  The repeat policy applies to both internal and external transcripts.      (Phase I:  Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate Curriculum)

Midlands Technical college students who complete the Pre-Dental Hygiene curriculum with a 2.5 GPA and "C" or above on all courses may apply for the Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate.  (Science and mathematics courses must be completed according to the timeframe established and published for all Health Sciences Programs.)  At completion of the 36 hours of coursework, the student must complete the Graduation Clearance Form for the Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate and submit an application for entry consideration and interview for the Dental Hygiene Associate Degree program (Phase II).  The student's date of interview eligibility for Phase II is based upon the date of acceptance to and completion of Phase I.

Students in Phase I should be aware that in the clinical phase of the Dental Hygiene program (Phase II), students will be expected to act as patients for classmates to practice all new skills, including infiltration anesthesia injections.  Students who require antibiotics prior to dental procedures will be expected to comply with such self-mediation so as to allow equitable classmate learning experiences during pre-clinical sessions.  Students anticipating orthodontic procedures should complete their banding phase prior to entry into Phase II or they should delay initiation of the orthodontic procedures until the second year of Phase II.

Merit Admissions Opportunity:
Students may apply for merit admission after completing the Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate Program.  Merit admission is an opportunity for special consideration for priority admission into Phase II of the Dental Hygiene Program.  There are preset published criteria for merit admissions.  Please follow the link below for more information and forms pertaining to the merit admissions process.  Merit Admissions Opportunity

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