Merit Admissions Opportunity

for Dental Hygiene  (Clinical Phase II)

The Health Sciences Department is pleased to be able to offer a merit admissions opportunity for the Dental Hygiene Program (clinical phase) to previously-accepted Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate Program students*.  Students who have been accepted to the Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate Program may apply through the merit process to enter the clinical phase earlier than their predicted start date. The merit application submission deadline to enter the Dental Hygiene clinical phase in Fall 2015 is March 2, 2015. Attached is the application and criteria for selection for the August 2015 clinical Dental Hygiene class. Also attached are Frequently Asked Questions.

* Students who have not yet been accepted to the Pre-Dental Hygiene Certificate Program must qualify and be interviewed successfully for this non-clinical phase of the Dental Hygiene Program in order to be able to submit a completed application for merit admissions.

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Merit Dental Hygiene Admissions –  FAQ's for Merit Dental Hygiene Admissions 2015
Merit Dental Hygiene Admissions –  Merit Dental Hygiene Admissions Checklist 2015