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Construction Technology

Construction Technology

About the Career

Imagine the tremendous sense of pride construction professionals feel when they see the fruits of their labor…a building that will stand for dozens of years. If you have a knack for design, enjoy hands-on work, and like to be outdoors, then the Construction career field may be for you.

The construction industry continues to have a high demand for qualified workers. This means that skilled professionals can make a very good living in the construction field. Ever thought of becoming your own boss? Construction is one of the few industries in which many employees begin as an apprentice and end up owning their own business.

Building construction plays a vital role in South Carolina’s growing economy. Skilled laborers are always needed in a wide range of professional areas including general contractors, framers, carpenters and building inspectors. Many workers start as apprentices, working under someone who has a license. Because construction technology is such a broad and ever-changing field, it pays to have some degree of formal training beyond an apprenticeship.