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Faculty Notification Process

Request Faculty Notification Letters

In order to utilize accommodations, all students with disabilities must complete the Initial Request for Accommodations Process in a timely manner prior to beginning a program or service or course.  A student only needs to complete the Initial Request for Accommodations Process once in order to be approved for accommodations.

It is the responsibility of the student with a disability who has been approved for accommodations to complete the Faculty Notification Process each and every semester in a timely manner in order to use their granted accommodations.

To utilize granted accommodations a student must complete the following Faculty Notification Process:

  1. Complete and submit the online form to request Faculty Notification Letters before the beginning of the semester or the beginning of the course.  
  2. Request Faculty Notification Letters
  3. Pick up the Faculty Notification Letters in Counseling and Career Services on either the Beltline or Airport Campus. Faculty Notification Letters may be emailed to the student for online courses if requested.
  4. Deliver the Faculty Notification Letters to every instructor (s) of every course the student would like to utilize their accommodations.
  5. Schedule an appointment with the instructor (s) in order to discuss how each accommodation is going to be utilized and to answer any questions or concerns.
  6. If needed, a student may refer any questions or concerns regarding accommodations to the staff of Counseling and Career Services.

An instructor will provide a student with the student’s accommodations, as detailed in the student’s Faculty Notification Letter, only after the student has completed the Faculty Notification Process. An instructor does not need to provide a student with accommodations if the student has not completed the Faculty Notification Process.