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Disability Services

Accommodations and Services

An accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a course or program that enables a qualified student with a disability to participate equally in a program or course. A reasonable accommodation refers to an accommodation that is appropriate as well as effective and efficient.

An accommodation is intended to provide a student with a disability equal access to the educational process, without compromising essential components of the curriculum.The accommodations and services provided to students with disabilities are determined on an individual basis.

Access Technology and Access Software
Students with disabilities who have been approved for accommodations and services may utilize access technology and software available on the Airport and Beltline campuses in Counseling and Career Services, which includes, but is not limited to, text-speech software and speech-text software. Space in the computer labs is limited so it is helpful to make arrangements with staff in advance. If you have any questions or concerns regarding access technology and software, please contact Counseling and Career Services.

Exam Accommodations
Many students with disabilities are granted exam accommodations, including additional time on exams, exams in a quieter-distraction reduced setting, assistance with completing an exam using a staff person as a reader or scribe, or exams in an alternate format. 

It is the responsibility of the student with a disability to discuss his or her exam accommodations with the instructor prior to each and every exam in a course. The student and the instructor will discuss how the student is to utilize his or her exam accommodations prior to each and every exam.

Counseling and Career Services Test Proctoring
If the instructor is unable to provide the exam accommodations for the student, the instructor and student may arrange test accommodations through the Counseling and Career Services Test Proctoring services. The instructor is responsible for delivering the exam and Counseling and Career Services Test Proctoring Form to Counseling Services. The instructor and the student should carefully review the Counseling and Career Services Test Proctoring Policy and Procedure.  

Note-Taker Program
A student with a disability may have been granted note-taking as one of the student’s accommodations. A note-taker is a volunteer classmate who shares copies of their lecture notes with the student with a disability.

The staff of Counseling and Career Services and the course instructor will make every effort to secure a note-taker for the student with a disability. If a volunteer note-taker cannot be arranged, the student with a disability may be able to utilize alternate accommodations in order to ensure the student equal access to the course, such as permission to audio-record, use of a personal laptop computer, or copies of the instructor’s notes.

The student with a disability and the note-taker must complete a Note Taker Verification Form twice a semester, once at the mid-semester and again at the end of the semester. Please inform the staff of Counseling and Career Services as soon as possible regarding any concerns with the note-taker program. 

Sign Language Interpreters
It is the responsibility of the student with a disability to request classroom interpreters each semester during the first two weeks of registration.  Students enrolled in a Continuing Education course should submit requests at the time of payment for the course (two week prior notice is appreciated).

Students requesting interpreters for tutoring, appointments or any other college-sponsored events are to submit this request two weeks prior to the event (or as soon as they are aware of the need). An interpreter is not to interpret for tutoring, meetings or any outside of class activities unless they have been notified by Counseling Services as to the request.

Students are responsible for notifying Counseling Services of any change in room assignments and if a student chooses to drop or withdraw from a class. If a student who uses an interpreter is going to be absent, notification at least one day prior to the missing class, tutoring or appointment, to Counseling Services is expected (except in case of an emergency).  Interpreters are only obligated to wait 15 minutes for a student to show.  Subsequent no-shows may result in suspension of services until the student meets with Counseling Services. If an interpreter does not show, the student is to notify Counseling Services.  Any concerns, questions or problems regarding Sign Language Interpreters need to be reported to the staff of Counseling Services ASAP!   

Textbooks in Alternate Format
A student may be approved for the accommodation of textbooks in alternate format due to challenges related to the student’s disability. The staff of Counseling Services will work closely with the student to secure the student’s textbooks in a format accessible for the student at no additional cost to the student. The staff of Counseling Services may be able to arrange for audio-books, electronic texts, or enlarged print textbooks, or other format if needed on behalf of the student. Any and all requests for textbooks in alternate format need be brought to the attention of the Disability Services Coordinator. All requests for textbooks in alternate format need to be completed as soon as possible to ensure the student has the textbook in a timely manner to use for his or her courses since acquiring alternate formats requires a significant amount of time.