General Information

Programs Offered

Midlands Technical College offers more than 120 different credit programs leading to associate degrees, diplomas and certificates. The table below summarizes these programs and indicates the campus (AC for Airport Campus, BC for Beltline Campus, and OC for Off-Campus) where programs are offered.

All courses required for a program award are not guaranteed at all sites or in all time blocks. The college reserves the right to cancel courses when there is insufficient enrollment.



Associate Degree Programs  
Accounting AC, BC
Administrative Office Technology AC, BC
Architectural Engineering Technology BC
Associate in Arts AC, BC
Associate in Science AC, BC
Automotive Technology BC
Building Construction Technology AC
Civil Engineering Technology BC
Commercial Graphics AC
Computer Technology AC, BC
Criminal Justice Technology AC, BC, OC (Fort Jackson)
Dental Hygiene AC
Early Care and Education AC, BC
Electronics Engineering Technology BC
Engineering Transfer: BC
   Chemical Engineering  
   Civil and Environmental Engineering  
   Electrical Engineering  
   Mechanical Engineering  
   Computer Engineering  
   Computer Science  
   Computer Information Systems  
General Technology AC, BC
Health Information Management AC
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Technology AC
Human Services AC, BC
Machine Tool Technology BC
Management AC, BC, OC (Fort Jackson)
Marketing AC, BC, OC (Fort Jackson)
Medical Laboratory Technology AC
Nursing (ADN) AC
Paralegal AC, BC
Physical Therapist Assistant AC
Radiologic Technology AC
Respiratory Care AC
Telecommunications Systems Management BC
Diploma Programs  
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanics AC
Expanded Duty Dental Assisting AC
Industrial Electricity/Electronics BC
Machine Tool BC
Pharmacy Technician AC
Practical Nursing (PN) AC
Surgical Technology AC
Certificate Programs  
Advanced Computer Systems BC
Advanced Manufacturing Automation BC
Applications Programming AC, BC
Architectural Computer Graphics BC
Architectural Design Technology BC
Architectural Systems and Codes BC
Automotive: BC
   Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Repair  
   Brake, Suspension and Steering Repair  
   Drive Train Repair  
   Electrical System Repair  
   Engine Performance  
   Engine Repair  
Basic Computer Maintenance BC
Basic Electrical Wiring BC
Basic Electronics BC
Basic Industrial Maintenance AC
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician AC
Building Systems BC
Carpentry - Quality Framer AC
Chemical Technology BC
Child Care AC, BC
Commercial Graphics: AC
   Electronic Publishing  
   Offset Pre-Press Techniques  
Community Pharmacy Technician AC
Computer-Aided Design BC
Computer-Aided Transcription AC
Construction Engineering Technology BC
Court Reporting AC
Criminal Justice AC, BC
Customer Service AC, BC
Database Development AC, BC
Digital Systems BC
Early Childhood Development AC, BC
English As a Second Language BC
Engineering Science BC
Enterprise AC, BC
Entrepreneurship AC, BC
Environmental and Economic Design BC
Fundamentals of Robotics BC
General Radiography AC
Geographic Information Systems Tech. AC
Geomatics BC
Gerontology AC, BC
Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration AC
Help Desk BC
Industrial System Maintenance AC
Infant/Toddler AC, BC
Information Systems Networking BC
LAN Networking Systems BC
Legal Administrative Assistant AC, BC
Low Impact Land Development BC
Machine Tool: BC
   Bench Work/Lathe Operations  
   CNC Set-up and Operations  
   Mill and Grinder  
   Plastic Operations and Moldmaking  
   Tool Room Machining  
Manufacturing BC
Mechanical Systems BC
Medical Assisting AC
Medical Office Administrative Assistant AC
Medical Record Coder AC
Networking Specialist BC
Nuclear Medicine Technology AC
Office Support Specialist AC, BC
Paralegal AC, BC
Paramedic AC, BC
Power Generation and Delivery BC
Pre-Dental Hygiene AC
Pre-Health Information Management AC, BC
Pre-Health Care AC, BC
Pre-Medical Laboratory Technology AC, BC
Pre-Nursing AC
Pre-Occupational Therapy Assistant AC, BC
Pre-Physical Therapy Assistant AC, BC
Pre-Respiratory Care AC, BC
Rapid Prototyping BC
Routing and Network Configuration BC
Structural Technology BC
Telecommunications Electronics BC
Telecommunications Infrastructure Servicing BC
Web Design and Maintenance AC
Welding Technologies I AC
Cooperative Programs  
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician
   with Greenville Technical College
Dental Hygiene AC
Medical Record Coder AC
Pharmacy Technician AC
Pre-Occupational Therapy Assistant
   (with Greenville and Trident Technical Colleges)