Chemical Technician


Chemical TechnicianAbout the Career

 Many South Carolina industries are seeking chemical technicians for promising careers as process operators or lab technicians. Graduates of the MTC Chemical Technology program work in laboratories, manufacturing plants and environmental facilities under the supervision of engineers and scientists. Employers include chemical, textile or pharmaceutical companies, paper mills and environmental testing laboratories.

Chemical plant operators, under the supervision of engineers, run the commercial scale chemical processes and maintain the plant equipment. They are trained to understand how the equipment functions and how process controllers operate.

Chemical laboratory technicians generally work in quality-control labs under the supervision of chemists, where they use laboratory equipment to analyze samples from the chemical processes. Technicians also run lab-scale chemical experiments to help solve plant problems or develop new processes.


Chemical TechnicianAbout the Program

The Chemical Technology program of study is ideal for students enrolling directly from high school who have relatively good math skills. Students receive the chemical, mathematical, and process principles foundation needed for entry-level positions. All employers have additional on-the-job training. More than half the classes in this certificate program may also be counted toward an associate of science degree at Midlands Technical College.

The MTC Chemical Technology Certificate is a one-year program that meets the core requirements for the South Carolina chemical process industries. Completion of the certificate prepares you for positions offering excellent pay and benefits in the chemical processing industries of the South Carolina Central Midlands, or anywhere in the country.

MTC Developmental Studies classes are available to students who wish to pursue this certificate but who do not meet the minimum ASSET score or grade requirements listed above. Developmental Studies classes build skills in reading, writing and mathematics.