Campus Police

Midlands Technical College Campus Security/PoliceThe MTC Police Department is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all students, faculty/staff and visitors. The primary goal of the department is to reinforce the safety and security of the campus environment. To uphold this goal, campus officers regularly patrol and monitor the campus environment. Identification checks are a routine practice in monitoring and maintaining a positive campus environment. To further safeguard the college environment, video surveillance devices are deployed throughout the campuses, and signs notifying students of this surveillance are posted. Call boxes have also been strategically placed in campus parking lots to provide quick and direct access to campus police.

Services: Law Enforcement, Vehicle Traffic and Parking Enforcement, Crime Prevention, Crisis Response

Emergency Telephone Numbers: Security Office Locations:
Medical Emergency: Dial 911 then 738-7199
Security Emergency: Dial 738-7199
Security Non-Emergency: Dial 738-7850

Airport Campus: Lab Building
Batesburg-Leesville Campus: Room 115
Beltline Campus: Parking Garage
Fairfield Quick Jobs Center: Room 105
Harbison Campus: Guard Station (front entrance)
Northeast Campus: Front Desk

MTC Alerts! - Find out instantly when the college is closed or will delay opening due to inclement weather. Get fast information and instructions should there be an on-campus emergency. Get connected with MTC Alerts by signing on to your student MyMTC account, Enrolled Students section, under "Emergency Alert"!

Anonymous Tip Line

MTC Campus Police provides a confidential tip line as a means by which students may relay information anonymously. If you have knowledge of a crime that occurred on campus and would like to report any tips about it to MTC Campus Police, please use the MTC Anonymous Tip Line form. Your identity cannot be traced and you can submit the form under a condition of anonymity.

This form is not intended for use with crimes that are in progress. If you are presently witnessing a crime, please call the MTC Campus Police directly at 738-7199 or use any of the emergency call boxes.

Anonymous Tip Line

Myron Chambliss
Chief of Campus Police