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The Business department will no longer provide instructor CDs. Generally, publishers provide a host of learning and administrative tools online for both students and instructors. These are available at no charge, and can be accessed directly at the publishers’ websites or downloaded to the instructor’s computer. Instructors are encouraged to make the link to the publishers’ student learning tools available to their students. In many cases, this will satisfy the needs of the instructor and the students.

In the event the instructor wishes to utilize tools protected from student view, such as instructor manuals and test banks, special access to the publishers’ websites will be required. In such a case, please contact the lead faculty member for your course and request access or ask for the tools to be sent to you by the lead faculty member.

Access procedures to publisher’s tools vary from publisher to publisher. As a general rule, instructors desiring to access the tools online should go to the publisher’s website and enter the name of the text or author in the publisher’s search bar. Due to the array of ISBN’s in use by the publishers for the same text, an ISBN search is not recommended and may not produce the desired result.

From the search results, select the text and edition used in the course. This will take you to an information page for that text, where there will be links with labels such as “Online Learning Center”, “Student Edition”, or “Instructor Edition”, for example. You will need to drill down to the tools you are looking for. If you find you do not have access to the particular tools you need, please contact the lead faculty member for your course.

If your course is using a custom, soft-cover textbook, you will have to use the tools of the textbook from which the custom textbook was extracted. In all cases, the custom textbooks consist of chapter extracts from the actual textbook, so the compatibility is complete. The original name of the full textbook can usually be found in the introductory pages of the custom textbook under a heading such as “Credits”. If you experience any problems, please contact your course’s lead faculty member.

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