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About the Program:
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Program and Career Guide
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Program Plan:
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Course Descriptions:
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Academic Catalog.

Transfer Policy:
Upon a student’s admission to Midlands Technical College (MTC) and enrollment in the Paralegal Program, we review transfer credits and may accept up to three-fourths of the requisite number of legal specialty credits from regionally accredited, ABA approved schools. This translates to as many as five legal specialty courses in the certificate program and seven legal specialty courses in the associate-degree program.

Each legal specialty course submitted for transfer consideration is evaluated by the program director. Transferability is based on course content, hours of instruction, and the grade earned in the course by the student. College transcripts are reviewed to determine whether acceptance of transfer credits is appropriate.

Legal specialty courses cannot be accepted from a college that does not have regional accreditation. We may accept credits from non-ABA approved schools if adequate evidence is provided to document that the course meets an appropriate level of academic excellence.

All students must complete 10 or more credit hours of Legal Specialty courses in an "on campus" classroom setting.

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