MTC Strategic Plan -- 2008-11

MTC Learning Community 
of the Future

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Defining MTC

Strategic Goals


Midlands Technical College:
Learning Community of the Future

(Revised 11-05-07)

In 2013, Midlands Technical College (MTC) is an institution that respects its past while expanding and enriching its programs and services to meet the changing needs of its students and community.  The college is an institution characterized by an effective learning culture, the ability to meet the challenges of evolving economic and population trends, a commitment to community leadership, and innovative approaches to the acquisition and use of resources.  MTC serves traditional and non-traditional students by providing specialized and alternative opportunities in higher education.  The college’s graduates leave the institution with the knowledge and skills for successful careers or transfer to senior institutions.  Additionally, the college enables students to gain the qualities and values necessary to become productive citizens.

Effective Learning Culture

The creation of a positive, effective learning environment is tantamount.  Students, faculty, and staff comprise a community of learners.  Everything the college does is connected to the building of a culture that enhances teaching, learning and individual development.  This cornerstone provides  purpose and meaning for all aspects of the college. MTC continuously seeks quality faculty and staff who embrace the mission of the college and are dedicated to the service of students.  Together, the MTC learning community establishes a climate that takes full advantage of interactive technologies. The learning community embraces learning processes and adapts them to serve as the tools of quality educational practices. This basic philosophy is inherent in the following characteristics:

  • The learning community is collectively responsible for learning, teaching and individual development.

  • Each member of the MTC learning community embraces life-long learning.

  • Faculty and staff members recognize their roles as facilitators who create learning experiences through various methodologies and instructional formats.

  • The MTC learning community integrates the external community into its learning processes.

  • MTC provides various modes of delivery to meet the diverse needs of learners.

Meeting Challenges of Economic and Population Trends

The tandem nature of research-based economic development and the need for a technically proficient workforce reinforces the college’s connection with the community.  MTC's relationship with area high schools is a seamless partnership, ensuring all students find the pathway to a fulfilling career that best fits their talents and interests.  MTC is increasingly aware of the importance of establishing national standards to measure its programs and services, as businesses compare locations nationwide.  MTC is a hub for career training and retraining as the workforce needs for advanced skills become more intense.  The community sees itself as a partner with the college and continues investment in the MTC Foundation and participation in public-private partnerships on the Enterprise Campus. 

As the college evolved, it continuously adjusted to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse community.  This growing diversity presents new opportunities to support the lifestyles of such population sectors as seniors who expect to enjoy a lengthening retirement.  In a time of increased competition from educational providers, retirement of a large number of faculty and staff, declining public resources and the cultural and special needs of the population, the college continues to monitor the environment through its interactive strategic planning process and respond in a proactive manner. The college is focusing on how it influences and serves its community:

  • MTC anticipates and addresses emerging technologies and labor market trends.

  • MTC provides seamless curricula and services to students to bridge K-12, two-year, and university education.  through various

  • MTC adjusts delivery methodologies, instructional formats and services to address diversity and growth factors.

  • MTC is increasingly a first choice higher education option for the population.

Community Leadership

MTC is inseparable from the community and acknowledges its responsibility as an influential partner with diverse community constituencies.  The college sees itself as a catalyst for prompting open discussion and progress toward connecting all aspects of education and regional economic development.  The local focus of MTC makes it a logical and effective facilitator of symposia and planning activities joining various aspects of the community together.  As the midpoint of a continuum of educational providers, MTC brings together diverse viewpoints for discussion and proactive intervention.  MTC continues to position itself relative to the time in which it exists by clearly articulating its image and reputation through a program of advanced advocacy and community presence.  Change is seen as a constant and positive way to progress into the future.  The college plays the following roles in active community leadership:

  • MTC leads the community in the formation of public and private partnerships related to education and economic development. 

  • MTC is a leader in economic development through small business and product acceleration on its Enterprise Campus. 

  • MTC’s role in producing skilled employees serves as a primary incentive for businesses locating to the Central Midlands.

  • MTC is nationally recognized for its strong focus on student learning and development and for its comprehensive evaluation of programs and services.

Innovative Resource Development

As college funding shifted away from full public support, the college became increasingly entrepreneurial and effective in its acquisition and management of resources.  The changing resource paradigm influenced MTC to seek non-traditional and creative ways to accomplish its mission.  New resources ensure that students, faculty and staff are more closely connected with accessible technology and new opportunities for learning.  Non-traditional approaches to managing these new resources enhance their effectiveness and benefit the learning environment.  Technology is used to communicate with students and all other constituencies, and is integrated into the fabric of the college. The use of technology-based solutions positively impacts curriculum design and serves the needs of diverse learning styles.  The incorporation of new equipment and processes has proceeded through cross training and information sharing that are the hallmarks of an innovative, open and fluid work environment.

  • Faculty/staff recruitment and professional development reflect institutional goals.

  • New technology acquisition meets academic and administrative needs.

  • MTC diversifies its funding through increased federal, state and private grants; philanthropy and cooperative agreements with business and industry.

  • Creative approaches result in the acquisition of significant new resources and resource-sharing partnerships.

  • MTC acquires and re-designs facilities for maximum flexibility to maximize learning and provide quality services.

  • MTC effectively manages all its resources.

For more information please contact Dorcas Kitchings, Director of Assessment, Research and Planning, or call (803) 822-3584.