MTC Strategic Plan -- 2004-07

MTC Learning Community 
of the Future

Environmental Scan

Defining MTC

Strategic Goals


Goals and Priority Initiatives (2008-2011)

Goal 1 - Goal 2 - Goal 3 - Goal 4 - Goal 5 - Goal 6 - Goal 7 - Goal 8

  1. The college embraces an innovative learning environment that enhances teaching, learning and individual development.

  2. The college prepares a workforce that meets the demands of business and industry.

  3. The college collaborates with educational and community partners to create seamless curricula and quality services for the diverse population bridging K-12, two-year college and university education.

  4. The college partners with community constituencies to strengthen the educational, social and economic vitality of the community.

  5. The college serves as a catalyst in economic development.

  6. The college validates its programs and services through a comprehensive evaluation process.

  7. The college engages in efficient, effective and innovative resource development and management.

  8. The college recruits, retains and develops exceptional faculty and staff.


For more information please contact Dorcas Kitchings, Director of Assessment, Research and Planning, or call (803) 822-3584.