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MTC Statement of Vision - Statement of Values - MTC Mission Statement - MTC Statement of Role and Scope


MTC Statement of Vision

(Approved 8-5-08)

Midlands Technical College is an innovative leader that creates effective learning environments, enhances individual success, promotes economic vitality and provides opportunities for lifelong education.


Statement of Values

(Approved 8-5-08)

Midlands Technical College contributes to the community by helping individuals reach their full potential through affirmation of the following values:

Commitment to Students.  Belief in providing a learner-centered environment offering quality instruction, resources and services and presenting challenging opportunities for the continued growth and development of its students.  The college assists students in clarifying their lifelong goals, fostering entrepreneurship, developing interpersonal skills and maximizing their potential.

Commitment to Excellence in Education.  Belief in offering the highest quality academic programs and support services through a variety of delivery methods that reflect the relevant education required for future success.  The college builds a community of learners and prepares students for the work environment or further education.

Commitment to Integrity.  Belief in ethical behavior by all members of the college community.  The college fosters and promotes integrity, honesty, fairness and mutual respect among faculty, staff, students and all others associated with the college.

Commitment to Economic Vitality and Quality of Life.  Belief in preparing students for successful careers by providing a seamless curricula bridging secondary education, higher education and lifelong learning.  The college partners with business, education and government to enhance the growth and prosperity of the community. 

Commitment to Access and Diversity.  Belief in providing access to programs and services to students who comprise the cultural, economic and demographic diversity of the community.

Commitment to Faculty and Staff.  Belief in the importance of attracting and retaining an excellent and diverse faculty and staff who collectively create a positive learning environment.  The college provides professional development opportunities and demonstrates its commitment to the college community by providing resources to carry out the mission of the college.

Commitment to a Quality Campus Environment.  Belief in the importance of creating an inviting and secure environment for the college community.  The college values clear communications, open exchange of ideas, involvement in decision-making, and respect for all individuals.

Commitment to the Management and Diversification of Resources.  Belief in the effective use of college resources to provide quality education and services for the students and community and in being accountable to constituents.  The college seeks to diversify its financial support through the pursuit of new and innovative resources.

Commitment to Innovation and Renewal.  Belief in the spirit of creativity and discovery in all college endeavors.  The college is open to innovation, adaptation and positive change for the benefit of all its constituencies.


MTC Mission Statement 

(Approved 8-5-08)

Midlands Technical College is a comprehensive, multi-campus, two-year public college serving the primary region of Richland, Lexington and Fairfield counties of South Carolina.  College programs and services provide accessible, affordable, quality education that prepares a diverse student population to enter the job market, transfer to senior colleges and universities, and achieve their professional and personal goals.  Through its programs and services, the college equitably provides higher education opportunities and strengthens the economic and social vitality of the community.


MTC Statement of Role and Scope

(Approved 8-5-08)

The college implements its mission through a clearly defined set of programs, services and partnerships that include:

College-Level Credit Programs.  The college serves approximately 16,000 credit students annually through courses leading to associate degrees, diplomas and/or certificates in Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering Technology, Health Sciences, Industrial Technology, Information Systems Technology, Nursing and Public Service.

Corporate and Continuing Education Programs.  The college provides professional and career training and development through open enrollment and customized courses to approximately 30,000 individuals from the community, and from businesses, industries, and governmental and health agencies. The college also offers self-supporting, noncredit activities for personal enrichment.

Student Development Programs and Services.  The college offers programs and services to enrolled and prospective students and alumni to increase their success and enhance their potential for personal, educational and professional growth. The college increases student access to higher education through recruitment, developmental education, financial services, counseling and career services, and evaluation and support services.

Economic Development Programs.  The college promotes the economic vitality of the region by providing a sustainable workforce for new and expanding industries and technology transfer to developing companies. The college proactively seeks to promote business growth and regional prosperity.

For more information please contact Dorcas Kitchings, Director of Assessment, Research and Planning, or call (803) 822-3584.