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Course Placement Information and Calculator

Now that you have taken the MTC Placement test, you are probably wondering how these scores will be used. The information contained on this web page will answer this and other questions you may have concerning your test scores and their use in course placement at MTC.

How are the scores used? Before answering this question, you need to know a few terms.

    Prerequisite - A requirement that must be met before enrolling in a course. A prerequisite may be either a course or courses or a placement test score.

    Curriculum Course - A course above the 100 level that is a part of your program requirements. Example: ENG 101, PSY 201, MAT 155.

    Developmental Course - Developmental courses are 100 level or lower courses that you may be required to take based on your placement test scores. Developmental courses are designed to ensure your success at MTC by preparing you for curriculum courses.

      Important Note: Developmental Courses are not transferrable and may affect eligibility for the Life Scholarship. It is the studentís responsibility to become knowledgeable about their scholarships and understand which courses may affect their scholarship eligibility.
So how are your test scores used? Your test scores are used to determine which courses you may enroll in your first semester at MTC.

  • For English placement, your Reading score and Writing Sample scores are used. For example, to enroll in English 101, the first college level English course, you must either test into English 101 on the Placement Test or complete prerequisite courses as determined by your placement test scores.

  • For Reading placement, your Reading score also determines if you are required to take a Developmental Reading course. If you tested into Reading 100 or Reading 035, you must complete these courses before enrolling in English 101 or most curriculum courses.

  • For Math placement,your first math course is determined by a combination of your Reading score and Math placement test scores.

    • If you took the COMPASS placement test, your first math course is determined by your Pre-Algebra score and Algebra score.

      • If you have a COMPASS College Algebra score, which is NOT the same as the COMPASS Algebra score, you tested at a level above what the Course Placement Calculator can compute and will be placed in your first math class by the Math Department.

    • If you took the ASSET test, your first math course is determined by your Numerical score and an Elementary Algebra score.

      • For those who excel in math and took the ASSET placement test, MTC offers an Intermediate Algebra test to place into Math 110, 120 or 122, college level math. Students taking the ASSET placement test MUST take the ASSET Intermediate Algebra test in order to test above Mat 102.

To determine which classes you tested into based on your placement test scores, try the MTC Course Placement Calculator.

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