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Prepare to Meet Your Advisor

First Time Entering Freshman

As a first time entering freshman student there are several things you can do in preparation for your advisement appointment. First, what are your long-range plans? Do you plan to get a certificate, diploma or degree from Midlands Technical College? Do you plan to take a few courses, then transfer someplace else? You should get a copy of the college Academic Catalogue and read about your program options. There are some majors that allow you to get a degree from MTC and also transfer several earned credits to a four-year institution. Other program majors are not as geared toward transferring. You should become familiar with your particular program requirements so that when you meet with your advisor you will be prepared to ask relevant questions. Many programs have some elective courses that allow the students to choose the particular courses they want to take to fulfill a particular requirement. You should have some idea in mind of which electives you would personally prefer. There is a course description section in back of the Academic Catalogue that you can read to help you make these choices.

Transferring to a Four-Year College

If you know that you are going to transfer to a four-year college and you know which one you're going to, go ahead and get as much information as you can from that college about your program of interest. The more you can help your advisor, the more your advisor can help you.


Finally, whether you are a first-time entering freshman student or a transfer student, you should bring any information you have that might help the advisor to your advisement session. If you've transferred from another institution, bring your personal copy of your transcripts or grade reports from that institution. Frequently, students see an advisor before their official transcripts have arrived at MTC or before the transcripts have been evaluated. First time students should be sure to bring their test scores with them, as well. It is possible to be tested and accepted to the college before the test scores are entered in our computers. If you arrive at an advisement session (or at late registration) without test scores or college transcripts, the advisor may ask you to make another appointment. At MTC, students are not advised into courses unless they have met any prerequisites for those courses. An advisor's signature is confirmation that the student has met those prerequisites.

We are happy that you've chosen Midlands Technical College and encourage you to take an active part in planning your education. If you have any additional questions about how to prepare to meet your advisor, send an E-mail to the Advisement Center.

If you have any questions or comments about advisement and scheduling,
send an e-mail to the Advisement Center.