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The Doís and Doníts on How to Successfully Fail in College

To successfully fail in college, there are some specific Doís that you must follow. Please review the information provided on this web page to find out certain tips you will need to ensure failure. We have provided contrasting views, the Doníts, so students will fully understand what they must do to fail, and what not to do, to avoid success in their academic aspirations.

Be Aware!
If you donít do the Doís,
and do the Doníts,
you will succeed!

Do - Study in a loud crowd, or with loud music, or lotís of distractions

Why put all your efforts into studying when you could also be talking with your friends, listening to your favorite music, at the mall. Studying can lead to success in class, so the more distractions, the less you will study, will remember, and the better prepared you will be to fail.

Donít - Study in a loud crowd, or with loud music, or lotís of distractions

Take the time to study when you can dedicate all your efforts and thoughts to your work. A lot of people Ďthinkí they can study better with a little distraction in the background. You may Ďthinkí this, but it is not true. You will remember more, learn more, if you study in a quiet environment. Put all your thoughts on your studying, take breaks when needed, then return to your studies.

Do - Skip Class

It is not imperative to attend every single class. Skim over the text and see if you really think you need to be there to hear the Instructor go over the material. It might not be that interesting. This is one of the easiest ways to fail.

Donít - Skip Class

Attend every class, donít miss a day. In College, classes cover a lot of material in a day. Miss one day and you could easily fall to far behind to get caught up. Plus, your Instructor will point out what they feel to be the most important items for you know, or to study up on, or might be on a test. Whatís discussed in class is often the key to succeed in any class.

Do - Always Do What Others Want.

When your friends pop in and asks you to go see a movie and you are studying according to schedule, say ďSureĒ.

Donít - Always Do What Others Want.

Learn how to say no to your friends. You've got to be able to say "Maybe tomorrow" or ďMaybe later.Ē Realize your studies come first.

Do - Cram.

Donít study until the night before a test. Saves you time and hey, youíre trying to fail. If you studying before hand, you will remember the material better and pass the test.

Donít - Cram

Donít save most of your studying for the night before the test. That is a hazardous and illogical approach. Repetition is the heart of learning, keep up on every class assignment. There is no substitute for daily preparation. A little studying every day will benefit you much more then trying to memorize everything the night before.

Do - Go to Class Unprepared.

Donít worry about reading or reviewing the material that will be discussed in class tomorrow. If you just sit their quietly, you want be called on and youíll pick it up then, maybe.

Donít - Go to Class Unprepared.

If you haven't read and reviewed the material, you won't be able to appreciate what is being discussed in class. Get acquainted with the material to be discussed before going to class. Participate in class discussions.

Do - Read Chapters Cold.

Just sit down and read it, straight through. Get through it is what youíre after to fail.

Donít - Read Chapters Cold.

Before reading a chapter, review it. Take a few moments to get the basic ideas and to form questions as you begin to read. Then, while reading the material, you will be able to answer your questions and better understand the subject.

Do - Miss Daytime Study Opportunities.

You have a spare hour between classes. Your classmates are going to meet in the library to review the material discussed in class today. You also have the opportunity to go to the mall, grab something from the food court and check out the latest tennis shoes! In the words on a very famous commercial, ďWhat will you do?Ē If you wish to fail, itís simple! Go to the mall!

Donít - Miss Daytime Study Opportunities.

If you have an hour between classes, use it to study. That's one less hour you'll have to spend studying at night. A little studying now and then is often better than concentrated study. The more times you study something, the better you'll remember it.

Do - Fail to Get Help Immediately.

ďI just donít understand what we did in class today. Oh well, no biggie. Iíll catch on later.Ē Words to live by, for those wanting to fail.

Donít - Fail to Get Help Immediately.

If you're having problems understanding a subject, get help immediately. If you know you donít understand something, donít wait until you test to see if you can just get by, enough to pass. Get help from the collegeís available services such as Tutorial Services, your instructor, fellow classmates. Too often we hesitate to ask for help because we don't want to appear stupid or ignorant. Asking questions, getting help, is NOT appearing stupid or ignorant. It is showing an effort to learn, to better understand, a willingness to do whatever is necessary to succeed. The sooner you get help the better.

Do - Underestimate the Importance of Listening.

Setting: Algebra class, 10 oíclock in the morning. ďHere I sit, thinking about last nights date. Wow! And look at what that person wore today! What can I get to eat for lunch? Hum, how much longer will this class last? Huh? Yes Professor? Uh, Iím sorry, could you repeat the question? ď

Donít - Underestimate the Importance of Listening.

Students often allow themselves to become distracted in class, either by the instructor acting strangely or by somebody's new shoes. This cuts your listening efficiency, and listening is an important part of college. Instructors usually cover what they feel to be the most important issues in class.

Do - Fail to Review and Organize Lecture Notes After Class.

Class is over! Run to your car, get home, watch TV, eat. Later in the evening or next day, review notes. What was this about? Donít remember.

Donít - Fail to Review and Organize Lecture Notes After Class.

Review your notes as soon after class as possible, donít wait. Take advantage of your thought power when the material is fresh in your mind. Make additional notes and fill in gaps using your text.

Do - Underscore Passages Indiscriminately.

To be successful in failure, when reading an assigned chapter, while reading, underline what you think is important! If it looks important to you, note it!

Donít - Underscore Passages Indiscriminately.

A common mistake is to underscore as you go along. Never underline until after you've read the chapter and have the big picture, then go back and underscore, selectively.

Do - Fail to Know Your Instructor.

All Instructors are the same, teach the same way, want everything to be the same. This is a key point to know when planning to fail.

Donít - Fail to Know Your Instructor.

Study your Instructor. No two Instructors are alike - get to know their styles. Talk with them to find out what they expect, what you can do to succeed in class.