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Dropping/Withdrawing From A Class?
Do You Know How it Affects You?

Did you know that dropping a class may affect more than just your grade? If not, then you owe it to yourself to find out more information. Here are some policies to help you make smart decisions when you are thinking of dropping a class.

How it affects your Academic Standing

  • Withdrawals (dropping a class) through the 5th day of a full term, 3rd day of a summer term; or the 2nd day of mini sessions is considered a “drop” and will not show on the official transcript. (Web transactions may only be processed through the published schedule change period)
  • Withdrawals after the above dates through midterm will result in a grade of “W”; however it may delay your graduation date depending on the sequence of course offerings.
  • Withdrawals after midterm will receive a grade of “W” if passing the course at the time of withdrawal or a grade of “WF” if failing the course on the date last attended. A “WF” is computed in a students GPA the same as an “F”.
  • Withdraws – grade of “W” are not punitive for your academic record.

How it affects your Financial Aid

  • Students who receive federal or state financial aid must be aware that repeated courses and noncredit remedial courses (developmental courses) with grades of W, WF, I and NC will be considered in assessing their progress toward completion.
  • Students who do not satisfactorily complete at least 70 percent of attempted hours will no longer be eligible for federal or state assistance. Basically, if you drop several classes you may not be eligible for financial aid. Use the Completion Rate Guide below to figure your completion rate.
  • Withdraws (W and WF) are punitive for financial aid because you are not making satisfactory academic progress.

Completion Rate Guide

    Go to MyMTC, enter your username and password, under the Financial Aid section, click on "Check Credit Hours and SAP Completion Rate" to view your cummulative attempted and earned hours and your SAP Completion Rate.


    • A completion rate of 70% or above is needed to be eligible for financial aid.
    • To keep financial aid, students must have good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or above.)

    If you have any questions or would like more information before you decide to drop a class, please visit the following offices: Student Records; Advisement Center; Counseling Services; Student Financial Services; Your Academic Advisors

Important Note: YOU MUST officially drop a class to be eligible for a refund or you will be held accountable for any charges for that class. If your classes were held by financial aid and you do not attend (no show), financial aid will be removed and you will be held responsible for tuition and fees.