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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a major?

    A program of study leading to a degree, diploma or certificate.


How do I change my major?

    New Students who have never registered may change their major by filling out a change of major application form in the Admissions Office.

    Continuing students and students who have previously registered at Midlands Technical College must complete a change of major request by logging in to MyMTC


May I register at one campus for classes taught at the other campus?



Is it possible to enroll in courses taught at both campuses?

    Yes. You may enroll in courses taught at either campus. The travel time between Airport and Beltline Campuses is about 23 - 30 minutes by car depending on the traffic flow.


Why do I need to see an advisor?

    You may need to see an advisor for a variety of reasons. They include clarifying your educational and career goals, discussing program requirements and prerequisite course information, graduation requirements, study habits, academic progress and transfer plans. If you are experiencing academic difficulties, your advisor is a good person with whom to talk.


Where is the Advisement Center located?

    The Advisement Center is located in the Student Center on Airport Campus, Room 215, and in the Student Center on Beltline Campus, Room 239.


How do I contact the Advisement Center?

    You may contact the Advisement Center by calling Airport Campus at 822-3388, or the Beltline Campus at 738-7810. You may also e-mail any inquires.


Which majors may use Online Student Services?

    Students in all programs of study may use Online Student Services to determine which course sections are open. However, not all majors are approved for web-enabled online registration. Students in the following majors may not be approved for online registration. They must schedule an appointment with an advisor each semester in order to register for their courses.

      Health Science and Nursing
      Industrial Majors
      Engineering Technology Majors
      Criminal Justice
      Human Services
      Early Childhood Development.


Am I supposed to be advised in the Advisement Center?

    If you are a new student with no previous college credit, you will be advised in the Advisement Center.

    Some continuing Health Science (Pre-Health Care) and Pre-Nursing students are advised by the Advisement Center. If you are in the Pre-Health or Pre-Nursing majors and have not completed all 100-level courses student you must call the Advisement Center (AC 822-3388). 

    All students advised for Session II courses are advised in the Advisement Center except students enrolled in ECD, CRJ, and HUS which are required to meet with their respective departmental advisor for all advising needs.


Will the advisor in the Advisement Center always be my advisor?

    No. The Advisement Center advisor is your advisor for your first semester except for those enrolled in an Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, Criminal Justice, Human Services, or Early Childhood Development majors. Students enrolled in those majors are required to meet with their departmental advisors every semester. The advisors are there to ensure that you are placed in the proper courses for your first semester and to give you information about your program. They will also tell you about various resources that are available at the college.


Who will advise me for my second semester at MTC?

    For your second semester and all subsequent semesters, you will be advised by an academic advisor in your program area. These are called program or departmental advisors and are usually instructors in your area of study. After your first semester you may request to be web-enabled for online registration (note – this privilege varies by program). Even if your program participates in online registration you may always make an appointment to meet with a program advisor if you prefer.


Do I need an appointment to be advised?

    Yes, the appointment is for your benefit. This is a time set aside for you to ask questions about your program and discuss your academic progress, not just to schedule classes. Always be prepared when you go for your appointment and be honest when you talk about how you are doing in classes.


Is there a time limit for getting an advisement appointment?

    Yes, you are encouraged to make an advisement appointment early in the registration period. If you wait until the last week of registration to call for an appointment, you may not be able to meet with an advisor until late registration because there are a limited number of appointments available.


Will my courses transfer to another college or university?

    SC Public Institutions:

      The Commission on Higher Education for the State of South Carolina coordinates postsecondary education in public-supported institutions, including policies and procedures for students and their course credits transferring among these institutions. The Commission has established transfer policies and procedures which all public institutions must follow. These procedures are published in the Midlands Technical College Catalogue pages 31 - 36.

    Talk with your advisor

      The Associate In Arts, Associate In Science and Pre-engineering programs were designed for maximum course transferability to other colleges and universities. If you have questions or concerns about transferring to another college or university, contact your academic advisor. If you plan to transfer, be sure to inform your advisor of your intention.

    Chief Transfer Officers

      The Chief Transfer Officers at Midlands Technical College are Donna Hughes on Airport Campus, phone 803-822-3344; FAX 803-822-3422 and Lisa Laborde on Beltline Campus, phone 803-738-7748; FAX 803-738-7857. These officers administer the transfer degree programs (Associate in Arts and Associate in Science) and coordinate the advising of transfer students. All students may consult the College Transfer Credit Guide in these offices.

    Other Senior Colleges:

      Transferability of courses is determined by the senior institution that you plan to attend. It is recommended that you contact the Institution you plan to attend before enrolling in any classes.


Am I required to take developmental courses?

    All new students are required to take the ASSET test before enrolling in courses at MTC. The ASSET test is designed to place you in courses appropriate for your skill level in reading, writing and math. If your test scores place you into developmental courses, you will need to complete those courses before enrolling in higher level courses. Your advisor will answer any questions you may have about your test scores or any required developmental courses.


What is a developmental course?

    Midlands Technical College wants all students to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. The Developmental Studies (DVS) department of the college is the first step toward a successful college experience for many students.

    DVS offers academic and support services as part of the college's comprehensive program to help students succeed in their choosen programs of study. Courses in the department meet a variety of student needs.

    New or readmitted students whose test scores on the college's placement test identify academic needs will enroll in DVS courses in math, reading, and/or writing before entering the courses required for their degrees. Students who have been out of school for a while or who did not plan to go to college while in high school should enroll in COL 103 to improve personal study habits and skills. Students who want to investigate career options or who are unsure of their career field may enroll in IDS 102. Students whose backgrounds have not provided them with the necessary knowledge of our shared human culture can enroll in HSS 100 to expand their cultural foundation.

      Developmental Studies Courses
      Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
      COL 103 College Skills 3.0
      ENG 035 Developmental English 3.0
      ENG 100 Introduction to Composition 3.0
      HSS 100 Cultural Contexts 3.0
      IDS 102 Personal/Career Development 3.0
      MAT 035 Developmental Mathematics 3.0
      MAT 100 Introductory College Mathematics 5.0
      RDG 035 Developmental Reading 3.0
      RDG 100 Critical Reading 3.0
      RDG 101 College Reading 3.0


How long will it take me to graduate from Midlands Technical College?

    This depends on your individual program, any needed developmental courses, how many classes you take each semester, your grades, and how many semesters you attend each year.


What help is available for me if I require assistance with my classes?

    MTC offers a wide variety of services including Academic Success Centers, special services for students with disabilities and English as a second language.


What are the hours of the classes?

    Hours vary. Classes are taught as early as 7:30 AM and as late as 9:00 PM.


Am I required to attend classes during Summer semester?

    This depends on your major. Some courses may be only offered in the summer. You need to check with your faculty advisor. Some Nursing and Health Sciences programs require summer semester enrollment.


How do I get into the Nursing program?

    You must apply to MTC and then meet the specific admissions requirements that are listed in the College Catalogue. You may request a College Catalogue by e-mail.


Do I go directly into my Nursing and Health Sciences field of choice my first semester?

    Not usually. Most of the health programs have waiting lists. Each Nursing and Health Sciences program has specific admissions requirements that are discussed in the College Catalogue. You may request a College Catalogue by e-mail.


Do I have to attend full-time?

    No, unless your program of study requires a certain number of classes in a certain semester.


Who can answer my questions about financial aid?

    All financial aid questions should be answered by the Financial Aid Office.


Will the number of hours I attend affect my financial aid?

    Yes, speak with the Financial Aid Office about this and any other financial aid questions.


Where will I be advised for Session II (mini-semester) classes?

    If you are enrolled in the Early Childhood Development, Criminal Justice, or Human Services programs, you must meet with a departmental advisor each semester. All other majors may contact the Advisement Center on either the Airport (ASC 215) or Beltline (BSC 239) Campus.


I have just completed my first semester. Who advises me for the next semester?

    For your second semester and all subsequent semesters you will be advised by an academic advisor in your program area. They are called program or departmental advisors. These advisors are usually instructors in your area of study. After your second semester, depending on your major/program of study, you may request to be web-enabled for online registration (note: this varies by program). Even if your program participates in online registration you may always make an appointment to meet with a program advisor if you prefer.


I am in a Nursing or Health Sciences program. Do I have to be advised on Airport Campus?

    Yes. If you are enrolled in a Nursing and Health Sciences program you should meet with a program advisor on Airport Campus.


I am now in Pre-Nursing or Pre-Health Care certificate. May I be advised on either campus?

    You may be advised on either campus, but it is to your advantage to be advised on Airport Campus because those advisors work more closely with the Health and Nursing Programs.


What is Academic Probation?

    Students who fail to earn the required grade point average (GPA) will be placed on probation during the next term in which they enroll in the college. Some academic programs may require higher GPA's each term. This information is communicated in specific departmental materials. Additional information concerning probation can be found in the Student Handbook and the college catalogue.


What is Online Student Services?

    It is a room equipped with computers where you can access the latest updates online for course availability - times and days offered. It is staffed with individuals who will help you learn to navigate MyMTC, access your email account for the first time, and other online features.


Can I Register Online?

    First semester students must first schedule an appointment with an advisor after which they will be permitted to use online registration so as to become familiar with using the various features of MyMTC. Some continuing students in certain majors are allowed to register on-line, while others continuing students are not. Your advisor will enable you for online registration if they determine that online registration is appropriate. If you are unsure of your major or are transferring and havenít decided where youíre going to transfer to, your advisor will not enable you for online registration. To determine if you are enabled for online registration go to Check Registration Status/Student ID on MyMTC.


If you have any questions or comments about advisement and scheduling,
send an e-mail to the Advisement Center.