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"Leadership for Tomorrow"

The African American Male Leadership Institute meets students in life when they are seeking to become a leader in the early stages of college. As a student organization, members create unity within the group and grow as individuals. Student members are able to relate to one another and the issues that arise as a college student. To help with getting a grip on the basics of college life, the AAMLI often holds development workshops which help to prepare the participants for future success. While students are continuing to plan for new careers, the members can take steps to enhance the experience within their major. The experience one will gain from managing school and outside activities gives good values when becoming a true leader. Two important aspects of the AAMLI are retention and networking. As new members and old members unite this creates a plethora of opportunities and allows for the participants to continue working towards completing the educational requirements for their degree.

Our goal is to prevent anyone from giving up on the task at hand and helping them walk across the stage at graduation, feeling accomplished and successful. Remember, leadership for tomorrow…it starts with you. So make it happen!

Change your life and the life of those around you. Join MTC's AAMLI Today!

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