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"...equipping students with job search tools for a lifetime."
Job Search Guide

In an ever changing economy, it takes a lot of skill to navigate the system. In keeping with the MTC Student Employment Services (SES) philosophy, "equipping students with job search tools for a lifetime", this handbook was designed with you in mind. Included you will find helpful hints, techniques, and resources to assist you in your career search.  These are only a few of the valuable resources available to you on the Web. You will want to check out the SES website at www.midlandstech.edu/ses. The resources are unlimited and include videos, workshops, job boards, sample resumes, and much more. Whether you are justr beginning your career, seeking a promoton, or simply changing direction, these valuable tools will help you approach your job search with confidence.

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Download the complete handbook (369 kb pdf)

Download individual sections:

I. The Job Search (71 kb pdf)
The job search is a wonderful opportunity to explore the world of work, whether the job seeker is entering it for the first time, seeking a promotion, or changing careers altogether. The idea is to research the career field, the business/industry type, and the specific employer to determine if it is the right match. Don’t leave it to chance. Know the facts! Be prepared!

II. The Cover Letter (61 kb pdf)
The cover letter is your introduction. Highlight your qualifications and call attention to your resume. This is your opportunity to point out major accomplishments and skills that make you a good match for the position. Demonstrate confidence in your abilities and enthusiasm for the job.

III. The Resume (168 kb pdf)
The resume is your tool to get the interview. It is your sales pitch, your personal advertisement. What sets you apart from other candidates? Structure the resume to focus on your qualifications and accomplishments. Demonstrate that you are a good “fit” for the position. Create employer interest. Get that call for the interview!

IV. The Interview (136 kb pdf)
The purpose of the interview is to get the job! This is your opportunity to sell yourself! Demonstrate to the employer that your qualifications, skills, and accomplishments would make you a good match for the position. Your goal is to project confidence in your abilities as they relate to the position and show enthusiasm for the job! The key is preparation! Know what you want to say and how you want to say it before the interview